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Two large city parks -Silver Lake Park and Clove Lakes Park- form the eastern and western boundaries, respectively, of Sunnyside, which is named for a boarding house that was established there in 1889; the vicinity had previously been known as Clovenia, owing to its location in what was then referred to as the Clove Valley, whose name survives in Clove Road, which runs from West Brighton to Grasmere, and is one of the neighborhood's principal thoroughfares. Clove Road forms the northern boundary of Sunnyside, separating it from the community of Grymes Hill.


Sunnyside was once the home of a campus of the College of Staten Island; located at the foot of Emerson Hill, in 1993 this campus was moved and an advanced-placement high school, the Michael Petrides Center, took its place. Sunnyside is a racially mixed neighborhood, with a Hindu temple across the street from the ice skating rink. A large percentage of Sunnyside's residents are civil service workers, this demographic trait being typical of many Mid-Island neighborhoods.

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