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Emerson Hill

Emerson Hill

Geography & History

Emerson Hill is a small community situated on top of a hill which bares the same name. The hill is named for Judge William Emerson--oldest brother of Ralph Waldo Emerson--who lived with his wife, Susan, and children William, Haven and Charles in a long brown shingle house known as The Snuggery.

In 1971, two large Tudor homes at the end of Longfellow Avenue served as Casa Corleone for the filming of Francis Ford Coppola's classic movie The Godfather.


A highly affluent community, the roads of Emerson Hill are technically private; several gates are found at approaches to the enclave. Since the gates are seldom closed and are not manned by security personnel it does not officially qualify as a gated community.

Today Emerson Hill is separated from its northern neighbor Grymes Hill by the Staten Island Expressway. The equally exclusive neighborhood of Todt Hill, where private roads also exist, borders Emerson Hill on the south.

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